Liisa Savolainen

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Title: Do we know the future – how can we prepare for the future

Authors affiliation: National Library of Finland

Abstract: Complexity is challenging traditional strategic tools and leadership. Scenario work and recognizing of megatrends are ways for organizations to face complex change and to find successful solutions for the future. Leadership cannot any longer rely on visions derived from top management. Instead, leadership should concentrate on building distributed intelligence and shared vision. Speaker addresses some practical ways how National Library of Finland has implemented strategy by building competence and adapting agile methods in organizational development.

Keywords: Leadership, Libraries, Complexity

CVs: Liisa Savolainen is Deputy Director of the National Library of Finland. Her main responsibility is organization development. She has a career of over 30 years in different libraries, last 17 years at the National Library of Finland. She is Chair of IFLA National Libraries Standing Committee and Ex Officio Member of the IFLA Advisory Committee of Cultural Heritage. She is a board member of Bibliotheca Baltica.