QQML 2023

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Conference venue is the Hellenic Mediterranean University

Practical Information

Main theme: “Library as a promoter of democracy and active citizenship”
Sub- themes:
a. Agenda 2030 and Archive Library Museum (ALM) communities
• Sustainability
• Green libraries
• Measurement and impact analysis
b. The Impact of libraries in:
• Politics
• Economic development
• Workforce Development
• People’s lives and communities
• Education and research
• Social inclusion
c. Archive Library Museum (ALM) communities:
• Protection and promotion of cultural heritage
• Risk management in ALM Communities
• Management of cultural goods in ALM Community
d. Democracy and visibility
• Visualization of statistics
• Social Μedia and the marketing
• Fake news
• New ICTs and their influence
e. Future libraries
• Expanded boundaries
• New generation of services
• Innovative synergies and collaborations


Pre Conference Social event

For those of you who join on site, the Mediterranean University offers a guided tour to the center of the city of Heraklion, to the Vikelaia Municipal Library and to Knossos.
The tour is free of charge.Please  see the program of the tour as well as the form to register.Please email us back the registration form before 9th of May at secretar@isast.org.


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Click the link to view and download the PDF QQML_PROGRAM_2023
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Title Understanding Librarians: Developing the Teaching Role of Chinese Librarians Abstract With increasing roles in education that include teaching responsibilities, librarians need to learn more about pedagogical theories and techniques to provide high-quality information literacy (IL) instruction (Agyemang, 2020). Previous studies have been done in South Africa (Hart, 2006), Canada (Julien & Pecoskie, 2009; Julien...
Title Media and information literacy and the right of access to information Speakers Nikos Panagiotou1 and Anthi Baliou2 1Associate Professor at the Department of Journalism and Media of the Aristotle University. 2PhD Candidate at the Department of Journalism and Mass Media of the Aristotle  University of Thessaloniki and a Senior Researcher at the Peace Journalism...
Title: Misinformation and Information Behavior: Challenges for Information Professionals Abstract: Misinformation and disinformation are not new phenomena but are particularly concerning in the era of social media. This workshop will explore how mis- and dis-information spread, and how information behavior facilitates this spread, and challenges attempts to counter it. The potential roles of information professionals...
Title: The Roots and Future of Information Literacy: Reflections from 11+ Years Working with Paul G. Zurkowski, Esq. Abstract: As we approach the 50th anniversary in 2024 of first Information Industry Association president Paul Zurkowski’s 30-page founding report to the U.S. Commission on Libraries and Information Science, Washington, DC where he has been recognized as the...
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  • Start Date
    May 30, 2023
  • End Date
    June 3, 2023
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