QQML 2023 Important Dates

Extended deadline: MARCH 26, 2023
Notification of acceptance two weeks after submission.
Deadline Paper Submission: 1st of May 2023 (optional)
Deadline Presentation Submission: 1st of May 2023
Early bird Registration: up to 30th of March 2023

Submitting a Proposal or a session to

Special Sessions – Workshops

You may send proposals here:

1. For Special Sessions (4-6 papers)
2. Workshops (more than 1-3 sessions) including the title and a brief description at: or from the electronic submission
3. Abstracts/Papers to be included in the proposed sessions, to new sessions or as contributed papers.

In all the above cases at least one of the authors ought to be registered in the conference here.
Abstracts and full papers should be submitted electronically within the timetable provided in the web page here.

Please direct any questions regarding the QQML 2022 Conference and Student Research Presentations to: the secretariat of the conference at:

Main theme: “Library as a promoter of democracy and active citizenship”

Sub- themes:
a. Agenda 2030 and Archive Library Museum (ALM) communities
• Sustainability
• Green libraries
• Measurement and impact analysis

b. The Impact of libraries in:
• Politics
• Economic development
• Workforce Development
• People’s lives and communities
• Education and research
• Social inclusion

c. Archive Library Museum (ALM) communities:
• Protection and promotion of cultural heritage
• Risk management in ALM Communities
• Management of cultural goods in ALM Community

d. Democracy and visibility
• Visualization of statistics
• Social Μedia and the marketing
• Fake news
• New ICTs and their influence

e. Future libraries
• Expanded boundaries
• New generation of services
• Innovative synergies and collaborations

Contact Us

Anthi Katsirikou
QQML Conference co-chair | Librarian, PhD, MSc

Ageliki Oikonomou
Secretary | Librarian, MSc