Glòria Pérez-Salmerón

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Diputació de Barcelona, Stichting IFLA Global Libraries Foundation Chair, Spain

Plenary Talk: Cultural Heritage Organisations as assets for Sustainable Development

Abstract: In a global world like is our nowadays’ world, access to information via Cultural Heritage Organisations acquires new requirements to achieve. Librarians we have to suit our role as the main players to guarantee the safeguard of heritage collections and its meaningful access to the description of the information they contain. Librarians should work on the new social context effectively and giving answers knowledge as society’s information demands require nowadays. Libraries contribute to human development if we align ourselves with the Sustainable Development Goals this is the way to serve common goals and keep guarantee the future positioning of libraries, safeguarding Heritage Collections and contributing to our society’s development. Governments have to consider libraries as motors of change, an investment to achieve local sustainability and contribute empower literate, informed and participative societies to global development.

Brief Biography: Glòria Pérez-Salmerón is the Stichting IFLA Global Libraries Chair, IFLA immediate Past President 2017-2019. She was also the President of FESABID, Federación Española de Sociedades de Archivística, Biblioteconomía, Documentación y Museística (Spanish Federation of Archives, Libraries, Documentation, and Museums) since April 2018, and member of the Executive Committee and Vice-President of EBLIDA, European Bureau of Library Information and Documentation Associations (2008-2015). Gloria works at Diputació de Barcelona in the Libraries Department as a Senior Consultant, and she is Counsellor of the Instituto Brasileiro de Informação em Ciência e Tecnologia. She has held many leadership roles in her distinguished career including Director of the National Library of Spain (2010-2013) where she also was a member of its Governing Board and Executive Committee (2008-2013). Under her management, the Library developed many innovative projects including the systematic digitalisation of holdings, thanks to a partnership agreement with Telefónica, which foresaw the digitalisation of 200,000 book titles; and the promotion and approval of a new Legal Deposit Law, including the collection of electronic resources and the internet archive. Gloria’s involvement with IFLA is long-standing, being a former member of IFLA’s Public Libraries Standing Committee (2005-2012).