Anna Maria Tammaro

PhD, Editor in Chief of Digital Library Perspectives


Plenary Talk: International Perspectives on Library and Information Science Research Methodology: trends and practices for the profession

Abstract: The international perspective about LIS research trends started with articles by Järvelin and Vakkari (1990; 1993). The Section of Library Theory and Research of IFLA after this first research initiated a series of national studies analyzing differences in LIS research between countries. The IFLA LTR Section has also developed projects and tools that help professionals to do research. Many librarians and information professionals have now a double role with respect to research: they conduct their own research or participate as part of a research group and advise other researchers on achieving the impact of research. Facing the need to respond to the expectations of changing society that professionals strive to serve, this presentation aims to develop a new understanding of the core values of LIS research methodology.

Brief Biography: Anna Maria Tammaro has been teaching in the International Master in Digital Library Learning (DILL), joint international Master of Tallinn University and University of Parma and before in the International Master Information Studies with Northumbria University. Strongly convinced of the internationalization of the profession, she is active in IFLA and ASIS&T: she is the Past Chair of the IFLA Section Library Theory and Research (LTR) and Treasure of ASIS&T SIG Education for Information Science. She is currently the Editor in Chief of Digital Library Perspectives and Editor of the Column Digital Heritage in International Information and Library Review. Main interests in research are: Internationalisation of LIS education, Digital library, Data curation.